Info About GITA

This program involves programming and learning to think outside the box. We learn about how to program in C#, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Many skills learned in this class can be used in other areas as well.

Misinformation Research

In this project I did research on russian misinformation

Technology Research

In this project I did research on jet technology

Business Card

In this project I made a fake business card


In this project I made a collage about me

Merchandise Store

In this project I made a merchandise store

Merchandise Store Upgrade

This project is an upgraded version of the one before

Dice Program

In this project you can click to roll the dice and get results

Craps Game

In this game you can win and lose with the roll of a dice.

Pinball Game

This is a pinball game that you can play

X-treme Webpage

In this webpage I try to convince the reader that programming is an extreme sport that is not to be underestimated.

Space Invaders 1

In this program the player can shoot the invaders and can lose if they dont get all of them before they get to the bottom.

Space Invaders Upgrade

In this project the player can shoot the invaders and can additionally lose if they are shot by the other spaceship

Circle Objects

In this webpage circles bounce and can be destroyed by a square that moves randomly

Internet Project

In this website I talk about the problems of Net Neutrality, internet censorship, and digital divide.

Sub Program

In this game you can move around the ocean in a submarine, and fish will avoid you.

Number Array

In this website you can input a number and it will be found in an array as well as avg, highest, lowest.

Invaders Upgrade Array

In this game you have to destroy the enemy invaders before they destroy you.

Final Project - "Striking Force" Version 5/26/2022. Future updates to come

In this game, the objective is to destroy all the enemies. Enjoy!


Info About being in GITA and my projects so far!