Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage

I'm Nathan Mateos-Carpio and this is the webpage for my computer
science 1 class. I'm learning C#, which is a modern well-used language in
business. I'm a freshman and this is my first year of GITA. Some of my goals
are to maintain good grades throughout my time in high school and to get into a
good 4-year university where I could continue to learn about and use programming.
To view my projects, click on the associated image and you will be linked to a download
for the executable. If you want to try out C#, you can go to this website to get Visual Studio
2019 and at that link in the line above, choose Desktop, .NET(C#/F#/VB.NET), and Windows.
Then click the "Download Visual Studio" button that pops up, not the one that has been there the
whole time. After that, finish the download and setup process and begin programming!

Goodbye Program


This program says goodbye in multiple different languages. Each button is a different language.

Help Page Program


This program shows the cost of a poster based on its size and decoration amount. View type like font is interchangable.

Mailing Label Program


This program outputs a professional mailing label based on what the user inputs into the textboxes.

Car Rental Program


This program shows the price of a certain car depending on how long it will be rented and how many miles are driven.

BMI Program


This program shows the BMI rating of the user depending on their weight and height. Calculated using metric system.

Car Rental Upgraded Program


This program shows the price of a car depending on milage, time rented, type of car, and add-ons like leather.

Test Score Program


This program shows the percentage, average, and highest score test of the two scores the user input.

Craps Game Program


The user can click the roll button to roll the dice. Rules of the game will determine if they win or lose. Virtual version of craps game.

Shirt Sales Program


The user can order any amount of shirts, clear, and end order. There are manager stats for the store to see.

Slot Machine Program


The user can input credits and as long as there is more credits than 1 dollar, they can play the game by clicking the roll button.

Rock Paper Scissors Program


Two people can play rock-paper-scissors on the same device. Wins are counted and saved.

Fish 1 Program


Program where fish randomly moves around left or right every time button is pressed or timer is started.

Fish 2D Program


Program where fish randomly moves around left,right, down or up when button pressed or timer starts.

Tic Tac Toe Program


Program where 2 human players can play against each other in tic tac toe.

N! Program


Program can calculate the sum, factorial, evens, odds, of generated sequence of numbers that user determines. Can also calculate fibonacci to however many user decides.

Basic AI Part 1 Program


Program where the AI follows and tries to hurt you. You can shoot the AI for points.

Starfield Program


Program where it looks like you are moving through a starfield.

Fish Aquarium Program


Program where fish are randomly moving anywhere while a shark tries to eat them all and a boat tries to catch them all.

Integer Array Program


Program where 5000 random numbers (1-5000) are generated and lowest, highest, and average values are calculated.

At First Light

Started 3/19/21

The final project of the year. For me I made it into a 2D shooter where you have to survive 3 days as well as get enough points to beat the game. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to implement everything I wanted to add into the game.